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Corporate and Industrial Training

We offer Technical and Self Development training that are tailored to provide solutions to increase productivity, performance and profitability of the Manufacturing, Engineering, Transport, Banking, Trading, Hospitality, Oil & Gas, Property, Retail and Services related businesses and organizations.
We believe in the process of Training Need Analysis, to customizing and developing specific solutions through a collaborative process designed to indentify the client's needs, requirements and objectives.
The unique approach executed with the strong faculty of experts, competent trainers and facilitators are our core strength to deliver beyond the receiver's expectations.

Management and Business Training
    Strategic Execution
    Change Management
    Strategic Leadership
    Success Planning Workshops
    Effective Project Management
    Managing for High Performance
    Leading a successful organization
    Investors Relations & Communication
    Risk Management for Sustainable Business
    Business Strategy workshop for senior managers

    Participants: CEO, Directors, Departmental Heads

Sales and Marketing Training
    Selling Communication
    Handling difficult Customers
    Creative marketing strategies
    Problem solving and decision making
    Customer relationship management
    Handling complaints and service recovery
    How to plan an effective promotion strategy
    Power negotiation
    Creative thinking and problem solving
    Branding and product management

    Promotional Strategy

    Participants: CEO, Directors, Managers and Executives
Human Resource Workshop
    Effective Human Resource Management

    Recruiting, Training, Developing & Retaining Talents
    Performance appraisals & Key performance indicators
    Developing Graduates as business leaders and entrepreneurs
    Effective coaching, counseling and mentoring for success
    Operational training
    How to carry out disciplinary action and handling enquires, misconduct, etc
    Managing employee performance excellence
    The main roles of HR Assistant
    HRM for Non HR Managers

    Participants: CEO, Directors, Managers and Executives

Language & Writing
    English for front liners
    Technical Report writing
    Improving Grammar & Spoken English
    Spoken English & Grammar for Workplace
    Effective Business Writing for Managers
    Presentation Skills(Speak with Confidence)
    Influence People & Win Customers
    Business Plan & Proposal Writing
    Creative Media & Press Writing
    Telephone Courtesy & Telemarketing
    The Art of Negotiation
    Corporate Grooming &Etiquette

    Participants: CEO, Directors, Managers, Head of the Departments & Executives

Training Skills
    Training need Analysis
    I am a New Aspiring Trainer
    Train the Training Specialists
    Train the Trainer Practical Skills

    Participants: Managers, Head of the Departments, Executives and Trainers

Skills for Office Managers, Administrative Staffs
    Excellent Office Management
    Public Speaking Skills
    Success Skills for Secretaries & Admin Staffs
    Handling Multi Task for Personal Assistants
    Effective Record Keeping & Filing Systems
    Conflict Management
    How to be an Effective Supervisors

    Participants: Managers, Head of the Departments, Executives
Customer Relationship Management
    Customer Retention
    Turning Complaints into Business Opportunities
    Winning Customers through Negotiation, Suggestive Selling & Closing Deals

    Participants: Managers, Head of the Departments, Executives, all Employees
Safety & Health Training
    First Aid & CPR Training
    Complete Occupational Safety Program
    Safety Implementation
    Fire Safety & Fire Fighting Program

    Participants: Managers, Head of the Departments, Executives, all Employees

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